nina forum is not registering accounts

i want to write posts but i have to register and when i click on register opens this

don’t use the nina forums, it’s barely used at all, use the escargot discord if you are not banned.

if you got banned from the discord, then just move on from escargot, it’s a shitty community.


I agree with Marshal. Nina it’s empty weird forum, so better use MG or somethin instead.

Also discord served crappy too. I know that on own experience.


ok thanks but can share the escargot discord

and why dont add the messengergeek tab to WLM and MSN

if i right remember, MG is not escargot part anymore

They tried to disassociate themselves from MessengerGeek for some odd reason. I’m guessing it had to do with some old unrelated drama.

i MG is part of escargot or not now?

no, they weren’t.

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Marshal tell walkingphasers that’s illegal banning for no reason

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Not going to bother with that guy.

I’ve moved on from Escargot, I only see like 2 people online on my contact list instead of like 10 people online a few months earlier.

  1. He doesn’t ban for no reason
  2. In what realm is that illegal?

Because the forum is filled with little kids, and its basically a playground for them. And, TReKiE barely moderates it.

It isn’t a threat?

imo nina is an attempt to separate from mg cos of “dramas” but this sucks and i feel uncomfortable on nina

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Then why do I barely see you doing anything on this forum, also, I don’t know if you still hold a grudge against me due to the July 2020 bullshit (that kickstarted my mid-2020 degeneration with the renders). With that grudge, I expected you to ban me (and even made a video about it anticipating that ban), but you never did.

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you walk on thin ice

This is real, i posted it on my private twitter (Do not follow)