Nice glitch chrome :P




laughs in firefox forks

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cuz chrome is shit

who really use chrome instead browser?

I use it :stuck_out_tongue:

I use firefox based browsers like mypal modern firefox 45esr

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BTW i even switched my dad pc fron chrome to firefox and the performance is OMG

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sorry but chrome is the most used browser ever :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry but no one cares :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry but he asked who uses chrome so he probaly cares :stuck_out_tongue:

I can upset you, but this is not a browser

please tell me why the hell chrome would not be a browser , because google chrome is a browser you liking or not

Google Chrome IS EVIL

motives : none

the browser should have functionality, but in chrome it is not

that is the most stupid thing i ever heard

google chrome is fast and stable ( at least for me )

you just prove it
your chrome can This?
or this?

and moooore settings in about:config

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yes , i just need to download a adblock on the chrome app store >.>

i dont really care about this anyway

chrome has somthing similar to this , i dont remenber the name