Next windows live messenger

on which day is expected to leave msn 9 or next msn after 8.5. this next msn will catch the 100% perfect winks without any flash player error, things like?

Flash Player errors are inevitable, because of how Flash has changed over the years. I do believe that there are workarounds by installing some of the older DirectX versions of Flash, but I haven’t really used Escargot in a while (I mostly use Linux nowadays) so I don’t really know.

After Windows Live Messenger 8 there was 2009. Getting 2009 support will definitely be difficult and I’d expect it to take many months if not more than a year. The few people working on the Escargot server are just open source contributors, they aren’t getting paid!

for the winks to catch on windows 7 without problems, install an old version of Directx help? why I installed FLASH 10 and nothing to get correct!