Next windows live messenger for xp

Will the next MSN be compatible with Windows XP?

If a way to circumvent the SNI limitation is not found, it will continue to be 7.5 The most recent version supported for that system.

I do not get fazer or Windows Live Messenger 7.5 paste not XP. help me by entering here no meu PC!

Actually, the SNI problem has been dealt with a while ago. Now it just comes down to XP not supporting the ciphers supported by the Escargot site itself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, ok. Thanks for the explanation :stuck_out_tongue:

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ie Windows XP can not even run Windows Live Messenger 7.5 anymore without error 80048821?

msn 7.5 works in my windows xp professional virtual machine

and in the windows xp professional sp3 normal pc?

well it works normal in my macbook 2007 running windows xp sp3 pro

Are you talking about WLM 8.1-8.5, or are you talking about MSN Messenger 7.5? :stuck_out_tongue:

it means that WLM works in XP or not because of the chipers.