New version of Reviver 2-4-8-3 not working with Messenger Plus...Help!

Last week I installed Messenger in my new notebook with 2-4-8-2 version of Reviver and the Messenger Plus worked properly. Now updated Reviver to 2-4-8-3 version and Plus does not work anymore. Heelp! I need the functions of Plus!

Thank U

are you using windows 10 Insider program??? i can provide you the if you like.

Yes! I’m using the Windows 10.
I updated my system these days. It can be a problem with the Windows 10?
I have this version of Reviver …but it closes the program saying it has new version available every time I try to open. = //
Thank you so much for your reply!

I think now can be something in my system.
Have tested in another notebook with the latest version of Reviver and Plus works properly…
It’s strange because all the notebooks use the same version of Windows 10.
I already formatted again the notebook and upgraded to the Windows 10 and the Plus continuous not working.

Sad =/

it’s strange cause you’re telling that you have messenger and plus! on the same OS (windows 10) on other computers and this has the problem. you are using nvidia graphics???

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Yes i’m using it!
You think can be something in the nvidia graphics?

it has been reported by users on older posts that the newer versions of drivers blocks plus messenger.

but i can’t tell you for sure, cause i don’t use plus messenger and i don’t have nvidia graphics.

if you like you can send a message on Jonathan Kay @TReKiE

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Oh yeah
Makes sense! O=
I will contact Jonathan Kay
Thank you so much for your help !!

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Does your notebook use an Nvidia video chipset? The latest drivers from Nvidia are known to break Messenger Plus!. In some cases if it’s possible, you can download to older versions of the driver to fix the problem.

Thank You so much! I will try this