New users coming?

The video about MichealMJD created has MessengerGeek in the description of the video, He has 80.3K Subscribers.
This may bring more traffic to MessengerGeek and Escargot.


when they will see the stupid posts from the 12kids here,they will go away :stuck_out_tongue:

Not anymore.

id like to put in my two cents for that

Duplicate post as for the video, and yes of course a hell load of people are coming. I doubt it’s any good though.

Hasn’t LilMerengue already posted that?

unfortunately he’s right.i’m from the start here…back in the day with the originals servers things were much better ,it may not had traffic but there was no spam …so thats why they were no moderatos.from the may 2017 when valton and escargot came up 12yo kids start to spam and flood the forum with stupid posts like ‘‘today is my birtday’’ etc…so yeah the forum has a bad reputation now.and its not fault of jonathan kay (aka trekie)

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Well I disagree with this. With Trekie we’re always on that way make MessengerGeek better for YOU ALL, dear users. MG is not for us, its yours.

It doesn’t seems but we’re doing hard work of moderation. Not the first time when I wake up middle of midnight just check what’s up on MG and on Discord.

I always love listen others opinion, others viewpoints such as Trekie, I love help for others and always make a common point with same agreement.

But there’s a big bad point. Some user’s attitude. I agree nowadays MG wasn’t as same as few months, years ago. We could make a new life on MG due to Michael’s Escargot and MessengerGeek advertisement. There was a chance old MSN developers connect there to share their ideas, patches, scripts, any creativity works at there. But now this will not gonna happen (We hope will). And my second favourite is some users talking about toxic, but the current point these users are already insulted others, and were rude.

If anyone have problems, ideas, suggestions on MG, please DM us we’re listen everyone.


totally agree with you,but because of the stupid posts,toxic user --most of them just 12yo!-- many people left because the forum losts its quality!

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I Fully Agree @alzcore397

Technically, blame it on people themselves, not the forum.