New Setup form Microsoft Messenger

Please I want an expert in server and programming (c#) so we can complete this project quickly
But we need an expert on the server first
thanks you !


I know some c#, i don’t know much about servers stuff, but I’d like to help a little bit :stuck_out_tongue:

i can beta test

I think that the Microsoft Messenger logo needs a better size and resolution :stuck_out_tongue:

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yes Email me private


my email is

Can I be beta tester too?

yes you can
send me message in wlm now

i only have messenger mobile. email me the file

I forgot to add you :neutral_face:, can you send me the message to add?


after many minute i will send it in gmail

ok i have my gmail window open now

or you can send it in hangouts

after 15 minute i will send it ok ?


but it’s just a test of form

ok i will test the program and it might help me get on to escargot again. if it uses escargot

it’s been 3 hours