New MessengerGeek forum theme concept

Here’s a concept I’m working on of the MessengerGeek forums theme, based upon MSN Groups:



Lovely #make it real

Seems nice

:b:AKE :b:T :b:EAL

Oh now that’s why Discourse is limited, it can’t change layouts.


Every Discourse forum is simillar in UI, So MessengerGeek is simillar in Apparence to the Roblox Developer Forum because of Discourse.

or Twitter Developers, or Chicken Invaders: Universe, or Snailscape, or… and the list goes on and on…
I hope this would be working phpBB theme, or for any forum software that works on my webserver

Almost each phpBB forum are unique but… Going from “Discourse” to “phpBB” is just a downgrade.

well I know, but Discourse isn’t really customizable. Well yes, there’re but that’s like changing little to it’s look

Or… Make a better theming engine for Discourse.

Nobody has that idea and modern sites aren’t meant to be customized so…

it’s a “Discourse” forum engine

I mean flarum looks like a good forum engine in my opinion

woooow! Nice theme! Where are admins?! I want it, NOW

Yea it’s a concept but… it’s a nice concept :slight_smile:

it’s dead?

At this point, yeah.

But then again, it was just a concept. Discourse doesn’t support much customization and I’m not sure if there’s any other forum software that can emulate the concept well, so I’ve never gotten a chance to remake this into reality.

yep, discourse is poor for costumization phpBB maybe works but i think that don’t will work propely and Vbulletin haves the same style of phpBB.

Stylish or stylus: stylus is a spyware idk well and Stylish is limited to much changes like i your concept