New icon and name!

You might say that i am an foking furry your wrong cuz furries have rules (and its my official rules for furries lol)

  1. furry should an animal, or humanoid animal with alotta fur
  2. furries are saying (OWO wat’s dis?) but i am not gonna say this cuz its a furry word!
  3. actually furries hate messengergeek cuz there are furries haters and furries are furries hater hater so that’s it

so here’s my new profile picture (or display picture)
Messengergeek pfp
and for now on my name is now EdgySpark



Did you draw this Zzx?

no but why’d you ask? its from a game called spark the electric jester somewhat a sonic clone but maybe better?

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Nice :sunglasses: :ok_hand:

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Random wonder. I think he’s cool.

Ok furry