[NEW] Escargot Tab Remover

The newest program of all time, Escargot Tab Remover!

Removes Tabs and MSN Today completely from MSN Messenger, only for 7.0 now.

Escargot Tab Remover.zip (222.4 KB)

Well if it removes all the tabs (like you don’t choose which to remove which to keep) then there is no need for it as you can hide them from the options.

he would not listen to me, he wants to show off his MsgrConfig.

You didn’t get the concept.
It doesn’t remove the TABS from the CHAT,
do you know the window where they are all contacts?
There are buttons called ‘‘tabs’’ which there is ebay, escargot spaces and other
it removes that and MSN Today

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So this doesnt work with 7.5? Also how do I uninstall it after installing?

due to the way this program installs (VB .application package), you cannot actually uninstall the program, sorry.

I actually did, just by going to the control panel.

This project is discontinued. You should see Death’s Life, thats the program that we want to finish. Thank you.