New Escargot Migrater tool

as you may or may not be aware, Escargot is switching to a new server and domain. There’s a page here on how to move your client over, however if you’re not very tech minded, or you prefer a more automatic approach, I’ve made a little tool called Escargot Migrater which should help you out.
The tool does all the hard work for you, finding and modifying the appropriate files based on your version of MSN/WLM and your system architecture.
If you’d like to try the tool, you can learn more about the tool and download it here.


How did you do it that the program html thingy is a folder?

I don’t get what you mean.

for example: i suppose the “programs” thingy is a folder. but how did you make it into a HTML Website?

What i mean with that is that “/programs/”. How do you do that?

Uh, that’s not an HTML website. It’s a zip file located in the programs directory of my web server, which is a subdirectory of the root directory. Simple path structuring.

Okay this is very unexpected but thank you!

how do i do that on my website?

Just upload your files and link to them. It’s not as magical as you think it is.

How do i do that on 000webhost though?

Not sure. I have SSH access so I just upload my data to the server via SCP.

Literally the same thing. You upload the files, and then link to them.

so we r talking about escargot migrater tool or about how to host files on 69000webhost?


Yes, let’s get back on topic. This post is about my escargot migrater tool, which I’m planning an update for that should be out within a day or two.

oh ok. there is a redirect tool so that should do the trick, or does it?

If you mean my Escargot migrater tool, yes. It finds and modifies the appropriate files for your patched MSN/Windows Live Messenger client, allowing it to connect to Escargot’s new, much more powerful server.

The long awaited, and much needed, update to my Escargot Migrater tool is out now! See what the tool can do and download it here Escargot Migrater

bonjours, pour moi cela ne fonctionne pas


“hi, for me it doesn’t work”

What error are you getting?