New Escargot Design


ojala que lo pongan en html me gusto el diseño


Es lo que estoy haciendo :man_facepalming:


Ponlo en HTML y mandamelo por MP que yo se lo mando a valtron


Brilliant work man.


Good job @Maigol :wink:


I detect bad translation into Spanish, I’ll send you private message with the text fixed with full meaning


The translation does not load here :stuck_out_tongue:


English working
Spanish working
Italian working
French working
German working
Polish working

Portuguese not working, maybe you need to change pt-pt to pt ?

Other languages I’m testing


Here no translation is loading :stuck_out_tongue:


where are you from?




Yes, the Portuguese is not working now, they need to fix it

The codes for the browsers are [pt] and [pt-br]


here too


Ohhh i really LIKE it !!! :D:D:D Seriously :slight_smile: GOOD JOB !! :stuck_out_tongue: ****


Stop bumping dead threads.


If you weren’t so dense, then you’d realize that this is the current design for the Escargot site, and people were commenting on the design’s implementation and whatnot. Perhaps you should be more considerate. :unamused:


Penguin has the same problem of not being considerate when someone bumps a thread with useful info.




It’s fab don’t get me wrong but the stats page doesn’t work on mobile. Safari with latest iOS, iPhone 6S. Need to change the way the stats are piped out. Maybe a link to a new page that has the stats smaller.

Do these tables get stored in a SQL database at all?


um…NL stands for “nederland” where dutch is the primary language lmao