New Discord Server - Skypers Official.

Hi guys, i don’t know who already knows about this, but i tell now.

We are recently made a Skypers Official server on discord.

What is that?
Skypers is a skype 5.5 like clone re-creation, and it will have a real log in system!!! The most newest version is pre-alpha 3 release, and you can download from the site below:

If you want to join our discord group, i will really appreciate that. You can get waay more


its good

bonjours, je suis désolé de vous dire sa, mes il n’y aura pas grand monde, car étant donné que skype a forcé les gents a passer de windows live messenger a skype, et si toute les personne sont comme moi, qui sont contre les logiciel ou application qui force les gents a passer d’une chose a une autre, et bien je tien a vous dire que c’est loupé pour vous quant vous parler, rien que du mot skype, ou même si c’est un logiciel ou application qui y recenble, la encore c’est de nouveaux loupé, car si il y a des personne comme moi et je c’est qu’il y en a, ont fera tout pour que le projet n’aboutisse pas. c’est mon point de vue, et je pence aussi pour beaucoup de personne.

Mon dieu… Skype était une bonne messagerie. Aussi, achète un bescherelle

Facile de dire ça. Tu paries 50€ que il y aura jamais au moins 100 personnes dessus?

APPRENDS L’ANGLAIS. Aussi, tu n’es pas notre mère.

This reminds of CatSpeak.

and obviously inside the group there is vlod who banned me the fuck out because I told him he is a kid when in reality he is 11


maybe you offensive him

source code doesn’t appear to mention any networking things

…this is going to die in less than a month

he got lost around telling us he was abandoning the project, but once I found out what he was doing he immediately restarted the project as if nothing had happened and banned me.



I looked at it (in wine so correct me if its a glitch) but theres literally no functionality i can see, just a news section.

alright so


while breaking my pc with skypers, the installer looks like shit, it’s ripped jpegs.

it is not going fast

the icon is a jpeg

there is no functionality

it’s just a mess of copyed shit and broken things

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Me when the void.

This reminds me of a “trick” from when I was in school, when homework was given to the teacher on floppy disk, and you needed more time to complete, you would hand in an empty disk, then days later when it was discovered, you would claim it was a technical problem or somehow you forgot to copy the file. Extra time with no penalty.


i used to do that xD

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lol this server is filled with kids


the site and invite are broken

mostly likely this project is defunct now. not that you would need to care about that, this project was maintained by kids who didn’t knew what their doing. time on this forum is a flat circle.

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