New app for WLM on Android

I know we already have Mercury Messenger. I know it works (sometimes). But it would be great to have a new app, completely from scratch.
Most users don’t use Mercury because:

  1. Its Ugly
  2. Its Buggy
  3. It doesn’t suport Messenger Plus texts and names (The reason why I dont like to use it)
  4. It often disconects from server
  5. It takes too long to log in
  6. The support for music players doesn’t work

We know that this app would take some time to be created, but can we have this as an objective? I’m pretty sure that many people would come to escargot after that (Considering the recent news about WhatsApp :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

Idk what Mercury Messenger is.

Mercury Messenger is basically the android port for WLM. I don’t know if it got released before Escargot, or after Escargot got released.

Mercury was released before and then patched. But let’s be honest here, that thing is ugly and outdated as duck(if you know what I mean). I’m not a hater or something like that, I just want a better app

Escargot is super niche, and isn’t known by the general public.

People are more likely to stay on WhatsApp or use something along the lines of Telegram.

Unofficial mobile WLM client, its a bit crap but its usable

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