Netscape reborn project

Ok a i’m making an old 1997 netscape website from the internet archive


That’s awesome! I love netscape :heart:

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Yes it’s the best!

The old website will be not original it will have backround :stuck_out_tongue:

The home page is done!

Are you ***** kidding, right?

no i’m not kiding


What the hell

What’s wrong?

you’re fucking shitting me.

Okay, Netscape was cool in all in the 90s, yeah. But why the fuck are you trying to bring it back? Now, I’m not entirely sure you even are. It seems you are to me, but again, why? Even if it’s just the homepage, can’t people just go back onto the web archive and browse it from there?



It will not just a home page everything will work!


So the downloads, the headlines, the columns, the sponsors and shit too?

Yeah, okay.

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well not everyting

But the downloads will be!

Yeah, good luck with that tbh

What is tbt?

“to be honest”

Maybe if i will have time to make the 1997 Netscape full and host it!

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this looks AWESOME so far! i like it a lot :slight_smile: keep up the good work bro!