Need Some Help - Recovering erased messages off of the Samsung SGH-E900

So I need some help. On my E900 were a lot of old messages, those being from family members and the now defunct Orange UK (Orange messages are on my radar for possible archival).

While clearing out some messages, I had accidentally pressed the select all button (Due to the wierd UI layout.) This resulted in the messages getting deleted. There’s a secure delete option, but that was disabled at the time. I found out that the messages still exist under the hood and can be retrieved. The only issue is that I can’t find software that can do it.

So far, the only promising thing i found are old versions of a program called “UEFD Physical Analyzer 3.9.0.” This program is a forensic level extractor, and the only issue is that this program requires a license. I do not want to risk running a cracked version. Can I have some help?

(PS: The E900 drivers don’t work on Windows 10, i can only do this on XP)


If youre afraid of malware, run it on a VM. Easy

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I can only find ones for version 7

Try going to DistroURL and/or Orgnik33 (both on Telegram) and asking them for help