Need help with WLM 2009 on Win 10 (already tried everything I could)

Problem description: Hi guys, I’m having trouble with the WLM 2009 logging-in. [[P.s.:ALREADY TRIED A LOT OF STUFF, STILL NOT WORKING]]

It keeps saying that I have incorrect username/password, and I’m 100% sure it’s correct.

I just wanted to use WLM again :c
I’m trying for 3 hours straight now.

Pls help :’(

Error code/error message:
(I’m not able to add images here)

  • ERROR 80048821

But later also got an 80048820 as well (after trying too many stuff, the last error I got was this one, ALMOST managed to log in… but nope. xD)

  • The logging in page insisted this last time, after trying everything, but the error still said that WLM ‘‘tried as many tries as it could to log me in’’, but still wasn’t able to connect.

NOW I’m back to ERROR 80048821 again, as always…

What has been tried so far:


  • Restarting WLM
  • Restarting my pc
  • Clicking ‘‘forget me’’ and trying again
  • Yes my password is 8+ characters.
  • I have made sure there is a firewall rule for MSN, it’s not the firewall
  • Forcing log in by clicking on the button/pressing enter several times
  • Went on Internet Explorer tools, TLS 1.0 is on, also TLS 1.1 and 1.2.
  • SSL 3.0 is off/not being used. Saw one topic suggesting to check it as well, tried it and also nothing. Went back to ‘‘not using’’ it as it seems to be the most correct option (?)
  • Tried restarting I.E. and my pc after adjusting the tools/advanced tab.
    -Tried entering that URL ( on IE and I get this terrible screen:
    Probably: the website has a programming error.
    You can try: go back to previous page.

Some topics say that this is the worse option to get when entering the URL, it means that WLM really can’t log in. Right? :’(

Messenger version: WLM 2009 , patched, as suggested on the big green button on Escargot’s main download page.

Windows version: Windows 10 Home

Please help… :c

Thanks for information

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Try running the patch found here:


it may be because you need to upgrade your account.


and read carefully


I’ve already used the patcher and also already modernized the account :c
Don’t know what else I could do… ;-;

Guys, I gave up on logging in the old way.

So I tried using the email version and it worked out fine.

But I wasn’t able to log in using the old e-mail, nor different older e-mails I had linked with escargot website.

Weird… but at least I can use WLM now. ;^;

Thank you everyone.

Yeah, with modernization you can only login with your new email, I thought that was pretty clear…

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Yeah, I got it later.

Not very clear, tho :c I thought it would be ‘‘modernized’’ but still able to use old e-mail as well…

Anyways, thanks!