Need help recovering my childhood chat history from 2005-2010

Hey I’m new on this forum.
I’ve recently found my old Windows XP laptop from 2005 and I remembered how I spent my entire childhood on windows live Messenger chatting with friends and i would kill to be able to read those chats again : I barely have any memory of my childhood due to some brain issues, and this would be a good way for me to remember something, and read what was going on.

I followed some tutorials and figured how to check my history in the local .xml files on my pc, located in C:\Documents and Settings<username>\My Documents\My Received Files<username>\History but unfortunately inside of the “My Received Files” folder there is absolutely nothing, not even other folders.

Is there any other way to recover this important part of my life by connecting to WLM ? Is there another way to get my history locally on my computer ? and is my chat history saved somewhere else ?

I would be infinitely thankful to anyone that’s able to help me in this quest. Thanks a lot !


You can try recover your chat log files with a data recovery software. EaseUS and Stellar’s solutions are the most efficient in my opinion.

Remember: don’t install it on the drive that are installed your system.

And complementing, if you have not enabled the option to save a log of your conversations in MSN, unfortunately there is no way to recover it. :frowning:

I’m not gonna lie, I have absolutely nooooo idea if I enabled it back then or not and I don’t remember at all :’) Hopefully I did
You say I shouldn’t install it on the drive of my system but there is only 1 harddrive in this old laptop. Can I run them from a USB stick maybe ?

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Yes! Just change the install location to the USB stick and use the program.
To improve the scan speed, select the exactly directory of MSN’s chat log files.

Did you have Messenger Plus! installed at the time? It should’ve logged your conversations in a “My Chat Logs” folder in your Documents folder (or have the emails of your contacts in the same directory).

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Recuva is a nice software for recovering accidentally deleted files too

I’ve used it, but it’s not that efficient. EaseUS gets a lot more files than Recuva, especially those that have been lost the longest.

noted. good to know.

Mmmh, no,
i only see Windows Live Messenger and MSN installed but not the “Plus” version

You should have a “Plus” button on the MSN window’s menu (if you have enabled "Show the menu bar or if you see a default menu on your MSN window). If you don’t, then you haven’t installed Messenger Plus.