Need help connecting to ICQ

Ever since I rebooted my virtual machine, I cannot connect to ICQ, it gives me the following error:

“Can’t register on the ICQ network. Try to connect again in a few minutes.”

I’m using the following IP to connect as server:

Any tips?

Oh and i’m also connected normally to the internet, just finished browsing through Google…

Is it a local server outside KICQ?

I got the ip from a VK post
I created my UIN from kicq.

I think you gotta try to use the domain address instead and see if it works

Vi a bandeirinha do Brasil ali haha

Então, eu reinstalei o ICQ e coloquei pra usar um usuario existente do ICQ, coloquei o UIN q criei no KICQ e dá erro


Não sei se nessa versão é essa a tela de login, mas não sei se era para colocar no Registration Wizard, mas no ICQ.EXE