Mystery about Windows Live Messenger and contacts


Recently I noticed some strange behaviour of WLM 2012 client. Some of my contacts’ name disappeared and they are only shown by their e-mail address now.
Then I accidentally clicked on a person who was offline and I appeared as offline to this contact too. Instead of opening the conversation window, my browser opened up and signed in to my profile. Then I noticed, my account was updated to the new owa one. If I ended up there I decided to take a trip on the site. I looked after my Windows Live contacts and there was a big surprise. Almost half of my contacts appeared as Name isn’t available.
If I’m correct these are the contacts which appears by their e-mail address instead of their name in Windows Live Messenger client.
If I click any on them in WLM then it prompts up the browser and lead me to Outlook Mail.
Did any of you met this issue too?


I haven’t seen that problem im going to check my contact list on the problem i have is adding ppl


i can’t add or acept friend request


use butterfly messenger to accept friend requests.