My windows 7 got deactivated

when i showed off my specs on a forum post here, after like 2 days i got deactivated.
can someone tell me why?

No idea. Try reactivating Windows.

i realized i made a mistake
i showed off my frickin id and now i lost activation

That isn’t it. Activation is based on a hash on your hardware, that hash is not exposed anywhere. Any ID you might’ve shown in a screenshot isn’t related.

If you open up the Start menu, type slui.exe 4 and press Enter, you should get a window that pops up to allow phone activation, that’s usually enough to reactivate just about any reasonably legitimate Windows install.

YOU DONT KNOW!! Basicly windows sometime could no longer support your service and it got deactivated

Your are talking to someone who was a MVP for ms

He’s an pretty experienced man.