My whole obsession is linkin park


and i dont know if its good for my sanity




and thats why i consider myself to be emo


Listen to the song And One that is on the Hybrid Theory EP (before the band was called Linkin Park), that’s not only the very first Chester Bennington song with Linkin Park but is also a hard emo song, another hard emo song from Linkin Park is the Figure.09 2002 demo, the very first version of the song Figure.09, it’s very different from the final Meteora version and it’s very emo


kian’s why i got into linkin park at first and he also owns the EP on disc


Lmao I also love linkin park, I’m always listening to their albums :stuck_out_tongue:


Um, it’s 2018?


true and Hybrid Theory EP is as edgy as Microsoft’s switch from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge. But I do still listen to them. :slight_smile: