My websites! (looking for devs)

So I’ve been making a site for the past 4 years and it’s come a long way but for a while now I’ve had friends who helped me make it now it’s me who makes it and my site barely had any updates last year but this year I’m going to make this site better from a simple idea in 2019 to a amazing website filled with fun and everything and this year will be the best for my site but I was going to ask if any of u fellow coders/tech people (even people that do art) want to help with my site! You can view my site here (it’s a Google site okay?) and if you are interested in helping you can help make the site too! and if you got any ideas feel free to suggest them here! please don’t copy anything but i have another site too! if u know my Ranvir’s download page check it out too as it’s one of the other sites i own!! and of you’re’re interested in my download site u can Add software to the site here

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Amazing website, Ranvir dude.

What a nice site, I hope my chess game will be embedded. You contained all google games via searched, Good job!

thanks u can be a dev too if u wanna

I have looked your Reddit, nice.

I dm you once again, the chess game development update.

ill try my best to add it as i need the HTML code to embed this

I will add the embed code.

yeah u have to fill out the appellation form to be a dev so i can share it

Ok, i filled it.

alr ill review it and get back to u as I’m omw to class rn

i just forgot please DM me in mg when u have summited ur applacition

most applications were accepted!!

but yeah feel free to explore the site and suggest ideas of needed!

alr, i can be a dev?

According to Ranvir, you must fill the appeal form.


i fill the appeal form

alr ill check it…

Interesting. What it is more abt?