My website is now officially destroyed See for yourself…

Gosh :open_mouth:

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won’t stay like that though

but why

its probably gonna be rewritten and he is using that as a cool 404


its being completely rewritten i wiped all the files and posts

ive made it less “Insulting” now, take another look!

ive made it less “Insulting” now, take another look

ive made it less “Insulting” now, take another look…

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What was it? I’m late lulz

i haven’t posted on MG for a long time, I come back to see this thread.



it used to be a gif of a burning village from castlevania and it had a text saying "The creator hated his creation, so he “wiped the canvas” and “If i were you get the [Censored] out of here, you [Censored]” I changed it to a dancing combine because a 10 y/o saw it and reported it to the police

you can say “fuck” on this forum, y’know?


this thing right here does not do anything, it’s a easily bypassable placebo.

Chill the fuck out… I’m typing what its was like word for word “[Censored]” was included, because the program i used kept blocking out the swear words

believe me when you see the site, its so cringy (Temporary) you are gonna wish you never seen this post

(the background is a gif)

If we get HL3 on the site, I’m all for it :stuck_out_tongue:


How to get half life 3: install HL 2 and replace all the hl2 logos with hl3 logos then make a bunch of different random characters