My website is now available!

I made a site includes Mediafire downloads


So, You’re a dev huh? Try making a application for old linux that used Gnome 2, KDE 3 and KDE 4.

I will try to make a linux VM. Is there is a IDE like Delphi (smilar to Windows Forms)

Lazarus maybe?


but you can make window forms (with pascal) and its easy (also supports many platforms)

i have windows forms.


Ha! Can’t you Python or C++ or even Java!? WhAaAaT!?

That’s it! I’m going to make Hello world in python and more languages!

print("Hello World")

You’re welcome.

Here’s your answer with Java!

oooh, you’re getting better.

Now it’s csharp!

What about rust?

Not bad.

But now C++ time.