My time got restricted (not a joke)

The parents of mine, who has banned WLM, made my time to 3 hours. I think I was browsing too much and they had enough of that, i tried to change but they didn’t listen to me and make it that’s final.

GOOD NEWS: I’m challenging against my parents, and eating food as much possible!

bro what :sob: :skull:

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What are you doing against your parents?! How the heck can you challenge them?!

don’t worry, i win.

i win the challenge and won a half hour.

Oh, this? they just giving half hour if I eat 3 food.

mf what

my parents restricted the screen to 3 hours.

what’s the deal with food

they put half hour if I eat 3 food.


3 meals

I think I eat 3 foods at time.

think is smart and can troll us :sob:

actually my parents did. only evenings i can look on mg.

ok but. what parent would challenge their kids to eat food as much possible i mean that crazy :skull:

i challenged them.

So, you mean you are challenging them instead to eat food as much as possible?

His parrents are taking this shit too far