My new Windows XP project:BasicallyOS Advanced Server POSReady 2009

I’m starting a new project named BasicallyOS Advanced Server POSReady 2009. This will include IE8,update root certificates,TLS 1.2 update,POSReady hack for your WLM newer installs (WLM 2009 may not work but Cacert Updater 1.6 will aded.)

NOTE:Adding .NET Framework 4 is too long, so I don’t add it.

ISO may not come because uploads are slow. I will upload to instead.

Support until (my own):2029 March 18.

add extended kernel

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It would kinda kill off the way to install on an actual OS, but that’s with the owner’s choice of the idea of the ISO being made for VMs instead of actual hardwares.

But tbh if that’s no other than very customizable options, XP Integral Edition seems to be great enough for the actual hardware due to the fact it has a bunch of essential drivers and such stuff like that (also it takes like 10 minutes to get into the XP setup on VMWARE compared to 3 minutes on a DVD installation, so I guess the running on an actual hardware thing pretty optional

But what do you think, @BasicallyMachine ?

I will add in 2.0, based on Windows XP Professional. Maybe later.

Hmm… I made in nLite add Classic Setup style for fast installs.

Suggestion accepted, @Ray. I’m going to add One-Core API.

REMEMBER:If you want to run Chromium, portable required and make shortcut on desktop and extra arguments required.

In V2, nLite didn’t add product key on it. Here’s for one:MRX3F-47B9T-2487J-KWKMF-RPWBY

2.0 got ruined after install,go to your install DVD or USB, api to install One-Core API. then update root certs and install legacy update.

Here’s the screen shot of BasicallyOS Advanced Server POSReady 2009 v2 with Extended Kernel.

BasicallyOS Advanced Server POSReady 2009 v1.1a Ray Edition released and changelog:
-Added Extended Kernel.

Hmm, 1.0 was better, others versions are ruined.

Adding drivers is may too large to upload.