My Fan Group

I have a group for those who are suscribers of my YouTube channel: Santiago_RMZ. If you are fan and want to add me use this emaill:

Rules Of The Group:

  • Do NOT write false content messages
  • Do NOT write adult content
  • NO spam or scams
  • NO hate speech
  • Respect the rest of the group

If these rules are violated they will be banned from the group.

Para los que hablan espanol lean el post en espanol aqui → Rules%20Of%20The%20Group%3A Do%20NOT%20write%20false%20content%20messages Do%20NOT%20write%20adult%20content NO%20spam%20or%20scams NO%20hate%20speech Respect%20the%20rest%20of%20the%20group If%20these%20rules%20are%20violated%20they%20will%20be%20banned%20from%20the%20group&op=translate

That’s not a group chat BTW, you need WLM 2009 for that. That’s a category to sort contacts into.

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i cant download wlm 2009 by this
Even if I uninstall WLM 8.5 it won’t let me Download WLM 2009 that’s why I did it in WLM 8.5

Do you have any Windows Live Essentials apps installed (e.g Movie Maker, Photo Gallery, etc)? If so, you need to uninstall them first.

opss i have windows live essentials
2021-05-03 (1)
im going to make a copy of my movie maker proyects & i realized this

my messsenger got crashed

What windows do you even use?

According to the UI elements, he’s using 10.

yes i have windows 10

Messenger should respond though. Very odd

Add me in your group!


Oh, I’m there, but I forgot to add you.

I was sure :slight_smile:

Hi! I would like to join! My e-mail address:

are you still there? i just added you on msn my msn

for what?

Group canceled due to forgetting the password, the request will not be accepted again or rejected (im going to delete the post days later)