My face lol

I’ve been jokingly told several times that I “look creepy" or have a “creepy face". I am 20 years old but no girl has ever flirted with me or told me that I am attractive, so I am starting to feel that it is true. I guess my face makes me look like a creepy, weird guy, so no one wants to get to know me or be around me.

I’ve always been conscious of certain parts of my face - nose, overbite, large ears - and I am wondering if other people are as unhappy with my face as I am. I can’t help being born with certain features, it’s out of my hands and I can only fix it with surgery that costs thousands of dollars - but is there anything I can do to ‘hide’ or improve certain features of my face?

l used to have short hair, but now it is longer. I have no idea Now to style it or what to do with it. It is frizzy and sticks out like an afro, so there is nothing I can do to style it. Should I grow it longer, cut it shorter, or make an attempt at going for a certain style? Is there any way to permanently straighten your hair? How about temporarily, like for a month or so?

I’m sad that no girl has ever shown any interest in me, and I’m really afraid that the problem might be the very structure of my face itself, something i can’t fix. I’m a nice friendly guy and I just want people to give me a chance.

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ok image was been deleted for some reason

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scott cawthon

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