My Escargot API HTTP server

I made a custom HTTP server that serves profile information straight from WLM. Thanks to Gabi (@gabipanda) for the idea.

The server generates the images dynamically, so if I would change status, it would change on web as well.

I personally can’t see them with my own public IP but I hope you can.

As a note, it can only show information from contacts that I have added otherwise it will return a 404.

Flowchart/How it works: My escargot forum signature HTTP server
Some server changes: My escargot forum signature HTTP server


Thank you Kanye, very cool!

sever version 1.2:

  • generic image generated for unknown contacts
  • returns now 500 on server receiving c# exceptions
  • gives me a list of IPs requesting which email address cuz why not. (i won’t be messing with these)

would you open source that or tell how did you get profile info from WLM (what library did you use?)

MessengerDotNet (My .NET wrapper for the MessengerAPI)
MessengerPlus (for fetching the profile pictures and PSMs)

previously i was able to see images, now i cant’ lol

I had my pc turned off :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t have a dedi server running for that.

I’m getting really interesting requests right now. Thanks for calling me bitch, Mr. [Censored IP].

Awesome, it is looking amazing.
Nicely done!

oof :unamused:

of course , some idiot will start doing BS

My server logs the IP address and the path requested from every client. :stuck_out_tongue:

is it in python? (i mean it is in typical python file or any other that my webserver supports) if yes, then i can run it lol

C#, HttpListener.

You’d require the .NET Framework :stuck_out_tongue:


If you’re running windows it wouldn’t be a problem.

well i have an windows laptop but i think i need to port-forward it, which is next to impossible

I could try to make it .NET Core but that would still require a Messenger instance and I don’t know if COM libraries are supported on .NET Core.