My display images and emoticons are gone! What happened?

It’s definitely a new server issue of some kind, either Messenger is confused about its e-mail address and/or PUID (which are the basis for storing all the ObjectStore content).

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I hope it is resolved since I have 1 day looking for a compatible flash player to reproduce the winks I got it (11.8) but now I find out that I can not have custom winks, the reason why I look for a version of flash player compatible with the winks :frowning:

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and it can’t be windows updates since years ago I disabled windows update :stuck_out_tongue:

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version 8.5 of messenger that is the one that I have installed does not let me see all my winks, but in the portable version that is 7.5 I can see them, that is, it works in 7.5

If you want to install the portable version: (6,9 MB)


Well, probably I will have to go back to 7.5 so my custum emoticons can work.

I only use the 7.5 portable, I am not going to install anything, I am going to leave the 8.5 there by the time everything is ready to use it well.

Oh, thank you for giving me an answer about that! :slight_smile:

i thought too, to a pb with an update of my win10 on the 10th, but no update that day (11th for me)
as we cannot add any personal smiley anymore, for me it’s a windows pb.
no gif, jpg or png possible to add.

I said it was most likely an update that just slipped under our noses, but now I’m aware it isn’t.

Also the reason it doesn’t work on 8.x but works fine on versions below it is because of a dumb server bug that was introduced in the live server running on - the profile message that is sent by the server after successful login that Messenger needs is only sent to clients using MSNP12 and below (so around 7.5 and below) and protocol versions after (around 8.0+) don’t get it. From what I can piece together the client needs the info in the message to create the storage for custom emotes, display pictures, etc., for each user, and when it doesn’t get that info it starts to act up and not set/retrieve the user data properly. On the live and master branches (master is the one with the code for the upcoming release) in our GitLab repository this bug isn’t available, so I can only deduce this happened on the bare metal valtron is running his Escargot server on. I’ve contacted him about the issue and hopefully he gets back soon.


Understood. Thanks for contacting him! :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope it can be resolved soon, I want to see my custom emoticons and use the winks, I don’t want to use 7.5. but I see that it will be necessary to use it to change the profile image and use custom emoticons and winks. until the problem is fixed, in fact in my version of 8.5 the winks that came out this morning are not even coming out. imagen

Thank you very much!! :smiley:

thx for the link. does it exists a 7.5 french portable version ?

I don’t believe … but if I find it I leave you the link in this post :stuck_out_tongue:

:frowning: Unfortunately I have not found the version of Messenger 7.5 in French, although I can offer you version 7.5 in English or the installer in French. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is the links. click on the link you prefer …

Messenger 7.5 Portable English :

Messenger 7.5 French MSI (this version is patched) :

Messenger 7.5 French MSI (This version is not patched (just in case)):

Messenger 7.5 English MSI (Patched):

Messenger 7.5 English MSI ( No Patched) (Just in case.):

If you want you can continue looking for a portable version in French, (although I doubt there is …)

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Good news! (At least for me) emoticons, winks, backgrounds all working again :smiley: thanks for fix the issue


Yes. The fix for the bug has been rolled out server side and everything is in shape now. :smiley:


it seems to work now… Since some minutes :smiley:

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Its working now!! :smiley: Thank you very much!! :smiley:

yea now its fixed, so its a server bug :stuck_out_tongue: