My display images and emoticons are gone! What happened?

What happened to custom emoticons and my display images on msn? All my custom emoticons/emojis are gone, and I can’t upload new ones, what happened to them? My display image are with the same problem, all gone and I can not add new one, because it gives error. Can anyone please explain to me what is going on, or if it is any program bug?!!

Same here! And when I try to add them again it just says “The file you selected is not a valid image. Please choose another file.” The same thing happens when I try to add a background.

It can be a bug in the application, try this
press the Start key and simultaneously the R key
An application like this will open and type %LocalAppData%\Microsoft
Make sure before Windows Live Messenger is closed, because otherwise it won’t work
The windows explorer will open, select the Messenger folder and delete it

Try to open WLM again and try to change your profile picture or add another emoticons
I hope it worked for you :stuck_out_tongue:
De paso use el trauctor de google xD

If that doesn’t work try uninstalling WLM and reinstalling it.

As of today i also have the same problem.
Have tried both deleting the appdate folder and reinstalling MSN but i doesn’t seem to work:(

Same, not work display images, custom emoticons, winks list… probably they are importing msn 9 :thinking:

I will try this! Thank you so much for answering me!

I tried but it didn’t work out, thanks anyway!

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It didn’t work for me either. I hope it’s just a bug, I lost all my emoticons ):

I hope it’s something temporary and they fix it.

Yes, exactly that!

Same here, I can´t live without my custom emoticons, what is happening?

i dont think so

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Same here. But worse.

This has happened to me as well, but I don’t know exactly what cause this to happen. But this much I can say.

One, don’t worry. Your display pictures, custom emoticons, and other stuff are still available. You just can’t access the files normally. Two, it must have something to do with a recent Windows Update (most likely for Windows 10) as I and others haven’t had this problem beforehand. Three, from debugging the program, Messenger does actually try to add new custom emoticons and the like, and does it successfully. But afterwards it’s immediately deleted and Messenger spits out a “file invalid” error as if there was something wrong with your file, even though there isn’t any. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a Windows Update breaking things.


I’m not sure it’s a Windows update issue, since I have disabled windows 10 updates a few days ago.

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Is there any way we can try to figure out what caused this problem and how to solve it?

Is not windows problem really because Im using a window that no longer receive updates, first moment I though that was my problem, then my friend couldnt use their emoticons either

I have the same problem in Windows 7

lol i upgraded to windows 8.1 and now i have that problem