My account got deleted

I’ll ask here because right now I don’t know where I should post this. If it is the wrong section I am sorry.
Basically I was on msn (version 8.5) some hours ago and I noticed my status went to busy. I couldn’t change it so I closed msn and opened it again.
After trying to login I got two different types of error, one being 80048821, I don’t remember the other one…
I tried to login many times but nothing changed, sometimes I got error # 1 and others error # 2.
Thought it was the server so I waited some hours. After, always 80048821.
So I tried to change password on escargot site and I discovered my account was inexistent, even though I was using it until some hours ago. I fixed the issue by making a new account, with same address.
I feel I probably did something wrong myself (even though I did not touch account panel controls of any kind), maybe I had to agree to something to make my account permament?
so I decided to share this here and see if someone could help me understand why it happened.
Thanks in advance !

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I assume you just made this account today/recently? This past week the server has been more unreliable than typical. Although I don’t have access or run the escargot server, the most likely explanation is that it was a server problem of some kind that involved the database being rolled back or something similar.

Regardless, you can relax, there’s nothing you could’ve touched that would’ve caused that to happen on your end. :slight_smile:

I dunno, since I’m not a Escargot developer and I don’t use it since my computer is broken.

Sicuramente il db è andato in musse ed è tornato allo stato precedente!

Actually, none of the server or database was touched when all of this was happening. valtron told me he left it to run for a good while and set the server to restart if any problems were to occur. I’m guessing this caused weird database and server issues as the server was being restarted so often. He has since restarted it himself a couple days ago and hopefully things work out.