MSNPSharp Patched for Escargot!

So… I’ve already posted this on the NINA & Escargot Discord server, but ima post it here
(If ur curious, i am not interested at all on the OIC anymore, 2018 me is long gone)

A couple weeks ago, i went on a hunt to find a library to use MSNP on alternative programming languages
I eventually found MSNPSharp, and in January i tried patching it, but i was too dumb to figure it out

Now, a couple months later, i oficially did it.

MSNPSharp is a C# library for interacting with MSNP Protocol, meaning you can make bots, and automate anything on the Escargot IM Network.

GitHub Repo is here
Documentation is available here
And the current release is here

I don’t know what else to say, that’s pretty much it i guess.


Glad to see this updated again. Thiago, Ethem, Pang, et al. put a lot of effort into the original library and it’s really quite nice and easy to build with.

This sounds really cool!