MSN won't connect

I nothing idea why but msn escargot won’t work same after follow the tutorial… he have a message bad password or login… bit he have insert a good information… I don’t understand.


You use the pre-patched version or the unpatched?

I have pre patched version, and MSN explain "MSN Messenger could not be sign you in because the sign-name you entered does not exist or your password is incorrect.
[…] Error: 80048821"
I use:
MSN Messenger 7.5

the MSN Messenger Connection TroubleShooter explain he block at: “Key Port” after “Proxy Server” and “DNS”

Turn off your proxy. If don’t have, go to you firewall and allow MSN Messenger.

Try to view this site. It shows causes and symptoms of this error.

I have entirely disable my Firewall…

(right click > open picture for look correctly)


Click here to go to a page explaining how to activate.

He already enable :confused:

So I do not know… It gives some problems when trying to connect in Windows XP… Try to use MSN on a PC with Windows 7 or higher.

ow :c okay I try :c

Sorry for not having help… :confused:

ask @valtron for more information!

okay thank you, I ask with it

Please download this tool and copy paste the result: