Msn won't connect anymore


Hi !

I can’t get msn to connect anymore. First I was chatting with a friend and kept having the notification that she did not receive my messages. So I tried to disconnect from msn to log in again.
But now it’s telling me that I have the wrong username / password (error 80048821).
But I do have the good ones.

Is there something I can do to fix this ?

I’m running the prepatched version for msn 7.5 and I have Windows 10

Thanks for your help !


I don’t know if it’s related with this, but I can’t login. It’s been giving errors/spinning infinitely for more than an hour. (error 81000306 - “probably for a service or an internet connection problem” (translated))
Prepatched portable MSN 7.0 with Windows 10.


I am having the same issue on Windows 7 with MSN 7.5, both pre-patched portable version and installed version.
(The error code is the same as Leandro03’s:81000306)


i can’t login too :frowning: , say wrong password :S


Same here, not having any connection.
(Error Code: 80048821)

EDIT: It’s working for me now.


@leandro03 @Hyperuranium The only thing that comes to mind is, maybe your firewall is blocking relevant ports? (1863 is used by MSN, and 1864 is also needed for Escargot.)


I don’t think that, it always worked… sounds like it was a server problem, it’s working now.


If you still have a problem, please download this tool and copy/paste the log here:


theres a problem with escargot servers


That’s why the tool I shared (made by one great Escartgot engineer @enhanox) is great because it will tell you that quickly :wink:


Environment Information:
Windows version 6.1.7601 (Windows 7)

Client Version Information:
Version 7.5.0324 at C:\Program Files (x86)\MSN Messenger

Patch Status:
Version 7.5.0324 is patched

Ping Test:
Trying to ping Escargot:
Success Success Success Success
Connectivity OK

Escargot Connectivity Test:
Could not connect to Escargot

SSL Certificates & Protocols:
Enabled security protocols:
TLS 1.0 TLS 1.1 TLS 1.2

Flash Player Version Check:
Flash Player for Internet Explorer could not be found. Please (re)install Flash Player (ActiveX).

MSN Messenger logging is currently DISABLED

this is the log from escargot troubleshooter


UPDATE: the problem fixed.

for the record,it was the first main black-out of Escargot :stuck_out_tongue: