MSN winks bug in Windows 7 and Windows XP!

some users and me too, we are having a problem in Windows 7 and Windows XP which is the winks that are not appearing 100% perfectly and some kind of BUG that is in case: appear the sound and does not appear the right wink or appear a part of the winks stopped and did not appear the wink moving in case! I already tried to install FLASH 10 and nothing, I tried to install the new FLASH pro internet explorer 11 and nothing! How do I solve it?

Only install Flash for IE. Track my posts (I’ve experienced similar problems) and you’ll find a download link in a topic.

This method does not work with it. I already did this for him (via remote assistance) but he does not recognize Flash. The most he got was when he had the most up-to-date Flash for IE (Active X), the wink sound plays and it gets stuck on the screen.

does not appear the whole wink. appears the sound and the doll stopped sometimes, or nothing of the doll appears!

What can be done then?

I also want to know!