"MSN WindowsMessenger"


:neutral_face: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking: Wot?!

this as well! 57%20PM

yeah that one’s BS

darn trolls. :rage:
I wonder what Windows Messenger is? Possibly a troll as well?

maybe ‘’ windows messenger ‘’ is 4.7 , since it is called that on windows xp

maybe, but on the status page, i’m pretty sure i’d show up as 4.? since there is one person on with 4.?(whatever version). My version on winxp is actually 4.6 and i’m running the latest Service Pack, so idk.

maybe you are not using the version that come with your windows , maybe it is disabled

oh, it’s the pre-installed version(OEM).

Every Windows XP install has Windows Messenger preinstalled

yes, I knew that just telling @PPCB that it’s not an upgraded/updated version of MSN Messenger (Not said in a stern/aggressive voice, just neutral. Don’t ask why.)

It’s look like It’s was my MSN 4.6 on Windows XP.
I also use MSN 4.6 too

Yeah, even in Windows XP Media Center Edition too.
Some website modified Windows XP install disk to remove preinstalled Windows Messenger on Windows XP Installer