Msn windows 95


This might sound stupid but is there a way to get the msn application on windows 95 working again


No, it’s not. Just install MSN 1.0, patch it with regedit, and bam.


the server can only run from windows xp SP3 and above


No. You can run MSN on older systems. You may well download MSN 1.0 on Windows 95.


but msn 1.0 are insecure


Who cares!? We’re not doing a top secret task, even NO viruses left today for such an old software. Just set up a VM and take off.




Who even DARES to hack such an old software! Relax, man! We’re having fun there.
If you’re still scared, go use a virtual machine. No matter, worst crash won’t be able to harm your precious system. Lastly, that old viruses must have lost compatibility with newest systems. (Example: The “deadly” CIH won’t be able to do a fuck on NT-based systems. Ever.)


Haha. The CIH virus on Windows NT. I would sh*t my pants if it worked XD


NT kernel architecture is robust enough to deny access to low level.