MSN versions stats

Why people is beginning to prefer MSN 7.0 to the latest version (8.5)? :stuck_out_tongue:

Because why not

The numbers bounce a lot around, after your screenshot, as of right now at least, 8.5 has been back to the top again. I would imagine the stats would all depend on the time of day and which group of people are using it at that time.

oh, it could also depend if people are using windows xp and they use 7.0, cause it woek better than 8.5? IDK i couldn’t get 8.5 to work on my xp machine. also most people just might want to try a different version of MSN messenger. idk. :neutral_face:.

Im making a newthread on how to get it working on xp

The MSN 8.5 works for me on Windows XP. Try log in maybe 20 Times

All versions works on Windows XP :stuck_out_tongue: Msn 1-0 - WLM 8.5

Do i need a supported account?

If you are using Msn 1.0 - MSN 4.0

Same here buddy:

mmmm, I guess I they lied to me :confused:. I might try to get it later, also why do you have to try 20 or so times to log-in exactly??

naw, its just that before nojus WLM 8.5 wouldn’t work and also that Nojus’ patch was at some points sorta unreliable but w/e