MSN tabs in private systems tutorial needed!


So i need to ask a question, becouse i did tryed everything with no luck at all…
I have setup a private msn-escargot and an msn-server, both ar working as intended(Exept password recovery becouse of the lack of an email server), however my problem is, that the msgrconfig.xml files are not showing in the client… i want to make a custom one, that in msn i could show my intranet services. But anything i do it simply wont load any custom tabs… how can i fix this problem? How can i use custom tabs?

Also i cannot use my own recaptcha keys in msn-escargot, it says that it was unable to connect recaptcha…

Also, when i add a contact, in this new server structure, the server itself not sending any notification requests to clients… it this intentional? Or the both partner have to add the other people to see each other?!


Anyone? :\