MSN-styled skin for MessengerGeek


Custom skin that makes MessengerGeek look like MSN/Escargot Spaces, MSN-styled logo included.


  • User avatars are square
  • Font changed to Verdana
  • MSN-styled logo
  • Most of the icons are replaced with emoticons from MSN Messenger


Link to the style if anyone wants to install it.
(Please note that Stylish or Greasemonkey (Tampermonkey if you’re using Chrome) is required.)


Works with Tampermonkey?
EDIT: Worked, good job!


Stylish is on the chrome store, will need to convert to mozilla format, unless that already happens


Fixing the Black category name requires

.extra-info-wrapper .badge-wrapper.bullet span.badge-category {
    color: #ffffff !important;
in the CSS. @PajamaFrix




I LOVE it :smiley: but one thing looks ugly to me :confused:

Why does that extra gray space appears? if you can, please fix it :slight_smile: the rest of the theme looks cool

Also, if you can add margins/frames to the profile pictures, that would also be cool :stuck_out_tongue:


i love it!


I think tahoma would be actually good for the MSG skin than Verdana, but YMMV


here’s how it looks with Tahoma replacing Verdana


i have segoe ui in mine




It’s also work with Stylus too, but I know Stylish is trying to spying your history browsing and it’s will send to it’s developer site.


Stylus is recommended for this.


Yeah, that’s why I use Stylus, and I found someone being tracked by Stylish.
and it’s seeing your browsing history, or looking what you watching in YouTube.