MSN Spaces button


Do you guys think it’s possible to make our own version of MSN Spaces to fill in the blank Button at the top called My Spaces? If so, what features of MSN Spaces would you guy want? unless we have no need for it to be there. there are plenty of other social media sites that we can use. like myspace and facebook. let me know what you all think of that idea. :sweat_smile:


I have been wanting to make a social network website. I might base it off Spaces and link it to Escargot if you guys want.


@MichaelPower that would be very cool. I don’t remember the features MSN Spaces had in it. MSN Spaces was definitely unique in it’s days. hehe


MSN Spaces was like a weblog and sharing pictures, right? Would you like to do it the same or different?


It can be the same as the original site. :smile: anyway that you make it though is very good. i’d like to ask. ‘if the msn spaces site is brought back to life in our own version would everyone use it?’


It’d be nice to have. Currently, I disabled it as we don’t have any versions that work but you can always run a local copy of msn-escargot and just host the MsgrConfig.xml yourself.

It has a signup, create post and view post section c:


I used Spaces for the MessengerGeek blog from the very beginning to the very end, when they enabled (barely) Spaces blogs to get sucked up by WordPress and redirect links (again, barely).

It’s a bit difficult for me to remember all the details now, but I do recall it being slightly less limited than WordPress (the hosted .com blogs, not the software you run yourself), in terms of being able to add content, iframes and other elements like that. There have been many times where I feel like giving up on WordPress completely and just give them money to redirect the site and host it myself.

I also did like the gleams that got added in WLM that notified you if your contacts had a new Spaces blog entry. Sort of poor man’s RSS. Sadly, the implementation wasn’t too good and the gleams would frequently alert when content wasn’t actually there when people mostly stopped using Spaces.


What I could do is run it via a WordPress plugin called BuddyPress which will give the standard WordPress application more social network-like features. Hopefully it keeps the blogging capabilities of Wordpress with this.


Old example of a MSN Spaces profile (2005)
Maybe useful for some designers around here.


Oh wonderful, that should help a little.


A little sneak peek…
the design is just WordPress’ default theme. This is temporary until a MSN Spaces-like design is designed. I’m bad at CSS/design myself, so yeah.

This is using the WordPress multi-site feature which allows multiple blogs on one website. BuddyPress also works with the profile and whatnot.


spaces was like a mixture of google+ and messengergeek

when i saw the logo this is what i thought of