MSN Server

When you setup your own msn with python,how
to baypass certificate and create your instance
of msn program when giving to friends
its anoying to install cretificate ?

Only way to avoid the certificate stuff is if you and your friends use versions 1 - 4(.6) of MSN Messenger and enable old MSN support on all accounts. By MSN 5, it requires HTTPS to log in (which ultimately requires the certificates), and that isn’t really something you can avoid easily.

How then when using msn ecargot service you dont have to install certificate and using msn 7.5 ?
I am planing to make server for msn 7.0 in short way there is no way to baypass certifacte ?
Thank you in advance for your replay

Escargot doesn’t require you to install a certificate as it has a proper HTTPS setup that’ll supply the certificate to compatible systems. In a development environment however (i.e., the Escargot server you downloaded with default settings), that isn’t possible because of the way Python handles SSL, so you’ll have to manually install the root certificate in that case. If you really want to get proper HTTPS working, you’ll have to start the server either via python or python36, if that option’s available, and get an HTTP server of your choosing that supports HTTPS. Caddy is what Escargot uses for HTTPS, and for the most part it works. We even supply a sample Caddyfile if you’re interested in getting that working (make sure you change the email supplied in the file for certificate creation to your own). But seeing as Caddy only supports TLS 1.0 and up (in other words limited support for Windows XP and no support for anything before it) you can use any other server software like Apache or nginx to proxy port 8081 to be served over regular HTTP port 80 and HTTPS. Just make sure the login endpoints (/login and /NotRST.srf) are only HTTPS if you want to keep security as tight as possible.

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Thank you for great expalantion!

Is there myabe a tutorial to setup this method that you describe ?

Sadly no. Most people are just fine with the developer setup, which isn’t ideal if you plan to set your server up for use with people on different computers.