MSN Server Portforwarding


Is it possible to port forward the master branch of the Escargot MSN Server?

I read a guide on installing the 2009 branch and there was a note at the bottom saying it is not possible (as far as he knows) to port forward the server.

I’d rather not have to use Hamachi if possible.

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If you don’t set it up properly for a production environment (i.e.: setting the DEBUG flag in to False, getting proper certificates, and using the Caddyfile to work on your setup), then of course it won’t work properly. Also people would have to put in a good amount of HOSTS entries just to get 2009 working (one that might brick Windows if you use a Microsoft account to log in to your computer and don’t remove it before you log out), so it isn’t ideal anyway. Best option would be to wait until we get the changes rolled out on our server.

Thank you. I’ll keep myself updated :slight_smile:

it’ll be released in a few months anyway i don’t understand why to bother with my outdated guide

i mean unless you used CONTRIBUTING.MD

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I read the notice so I didn’t bother with it, but the guide looks good. Nice contribution!