MSN Pictures Displayer program found

I found this cool program while searching in picture at google. it’s called MSN Picture Displayer.

We may not need it but it’s pretty handy to have. :smile: seeing that message at the bottom of the window might be saying that it connects to msn messenger through a folder not in the system or some sort of msn server link in the code. this can be handy when having trouble uploading display pictures directly to msn messenger or windows live messenger. the link to download is below.


Looks good! i think that we need to create more useful programs by the Escargot team, not old programs created by old MSN Messenger users or by the same Microsoft :thumbsup:

okay well there are many programs out there that can help us whether old or not and right now we don’t have the msn messenger source code to link newer program into the msn messenger directly.

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