Msn-pecan 0.0.15 refuses to connect


I want to use MSNP on Linux (Fedora, to be exact). I found out that the last version using MSNP12 is 0.0.15, so I decided to patch it. I’ve done 1-3 from MSN 7.0 tutorial and changed gateway server to After compiling, it can’t log on:

Is there any way to make Escargot work on pidgin?

it probably doesn’t work because the only supported for now is MSNP11, not MSNP12


Messenger 7.5, it uses MSNP12.


@oscareczek Thanks for your work and your try to patch this app! Speaking of which, does the app offer a way to record the actual login sequence that is followed while talking to the Escargot server (perhaps in the form of a verbose/debug log)? If not, could you produce a Network recording (Wireshark -> Save as pcap file) so the actual communication can be inspected? Please remember to clean up the communication so it does not contain private data nor the communication of other apps that are also accessing the network on your system.


Here’s the Wireshark log, HTTP are packets 1-15, the rest is that method with port 1683
log.pcapng.log (10.2 KB)


HTTP connection can’t work because the HTTP gateway is not implemented in Escargot.

Unforunately, due to SSL, thic capture is useless. It does connect to Escargot but fails after querying the login server but we don’t see the URL used (it goe for sure to the Escargot server), the request or the response. It uses MSNP12 and TWN authentication which both should work with Escargot.


Hmm, can you look at the source code? Maybe you’ll find something interesting here.