MSN party pack!

WL Party (1.2 MB)

Hello everyone! Today i finally archived all or most assets from the windows Live 10th anniversary pack. thanks to the work of me, an archivist and 2 devs we isolated the assets of the WL party pack and made it into a zip to easily apply all sections are marked and include any information you need. the reason we are doing this is because the archivist installer package simply gives you an error when using a package installer so we made it so you can apply them manually!
we are so glad to preserve this piece of internet history!

*credits are in info folder


what is the use for this?

It’s a pack that contains new emoticons, winks, backgrounds and animated avatars. This site tells more:


its an official Microsoft pack that is very rare which was released back in 2010 or 2009 and was only available for that year it gives a birthday themed emoticons, backgrounds and pfps.
the only available archive didn’t work anymore so a piece of history would be lost unless i made this.

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