MSN on Mac OS 9.0.4

Please give me a download for a patched MSN that supports Mac OS 9.0.4

I’m sorry, but it only supports 9.2.2 or later. :stuck_out_tongue:

i mean literally any version
other than 1.0

2.0r037 and later require OS X 10.2 or any PowerPC version of Mac OS X. :stuck_out_tongue:

How can I run OS 9.2.2 easily?

SheepShaver doesn’t support OS 9.2.2, since it emulates any PowerPC-based Macintosh before the G3 ones.
So, QEMU is the only way to use OS 9.2.2. I know it is slow as hell, but still, it’s the only option. :stuck_out_tongue:

would vbox work
QtEmu might help. :stuck_out_tongue:

vbox does not emulate ppc, programs like pearpc and qemu can

where i can find msn patched for os 9.2.2? i have a PowerPC ready with that os

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