MSN on linux

If you want to run any version of msn/wlm on Linux follow these steps :stuck_out_tongue:
-Open up a terminal and run sudo apt-add-repository ‘deb trusty main’
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install --install-recommends winehq-stable
OR For more info on installing wine on linux visit

and then winetricks should be installed after wine is installed if not install it manually and open it and install these from winetricks :


and then
cd /Desktop (or wherever ur downloaded msn file is at)
and then wine msiexec /i escargot-wlm-*-en (the " * " should be replaced by the version u downloaded)
and hit enter and wait for it to install and everything should work perfectly :slight_smile:

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eee no , msn dont work right with wine

works just fine with me

Did you follow these steps?

the last time that i install msn in linux ,well the email box dont worked

doesnt work with me in windows either (8.5) but msn in linux with these steps function normally

what version of windows you have ? because msn 8.5 dont work in XP

windows 10

well if someday i install linux in my PC , i will do this steps

Everything works well in windows 10 with 8.5 except the email box

try it on a vm or yeah when u install it one day try these steps :stuck_out_tongue:

iam not talking about the mail icon thing , but about this Capturar10

oh the space is too small? like the login box for pass and email is too small to input anything in it? if so yeah it is because u need to install some fonts (corefonts) and also the other wine components to make it work properly :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah then its the fonts u need corefonts and tahoma and dont just install the fonts and leave the others away if u do it will be buggy af because u dont have all the wine components so follow the steps and it will very well :stuck_out_tongue: